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Upcoming Community Event

The Cranbrook History Centre invites you to join their Ed Talks, a series of presentations, panels and workshops happening monthly via Zoom. The next talk will be happening Wednesday April 28th at 7pm; featuring a panel discussion on the restoration of heritage buildings in our community. Panelists will have a conversation about operating their organizations out of heritage buildings- Why they do it, what value it brings them and our communities, and the challenges they face in doing so. Participants can join through the phone by dealing in or online through the Zoom platform. The event is completely free and the heritage centre invites you to register online prior to attending.

Want to join but not familiar with Zoom or do not have access to Zoom/the internet? Not to worry. Follow the instructions below on how to join via the phone.

1) Call the following number to join the meeting: 1-778-907-2071.

2) Enter the meeting ID number 831 3490 8991, followed by the # sign.

3) Enter the passcode: 448782. There is no participant ID so please ignore this prompt if asked.

Special attention should be brought to dialling in. This is not a toll-free number. The talk is going to run from 7-8:30pm, so if you are using a cellphone with a limited number of minutes be advised this will take up 90 minutes from your plan. If you are calling from a landline or a cellphone with unlimited minutes you do not need to worry about this. However do remember this is a 90 minute call, so having a phone with speaker phone capabilities may be beneficial -- holding a phone for 90 minutes can be tough on anyones wrist!

Hope to see you there!

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