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We know what is possible when we come together!

Aging can be difficult. Finding information to help you with aging shouldn't be. That is why organizations around the East Kootenay have come together to bring all senior information to one place. By working together, we hope to make seniors' lives in Cranbrook easier. We hope to make our community more age friendly.  

Organizations involved in this project include the Cranbrook Age Friendly Committee, Seniors in Partnership, Better at Home and more! 

Our Mission

We believe all seniors should have access to community.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop a coordinated approach between local government, citizens, service providers, businesses, and community organizations to make Cranbrook Age Friendly.


By simplifying senior access to information, services, and support; seniors will be able to live healthier and happier lives.  

We believe no senior should ever feel alone.

Our Vision

Our Vision is simple. We want Cranbrook to be an age friendly community. So, what does that mean? 


  • Seniors are supported to age actively, enjoy good health, remain independent and involved in their communities.

  • People of all ages and abilities benefit from safer, barrier-free buildings and streets, better access to local businesses and facilities, and improved access to green spaces.

  • Businesses benefit from the increased support and spending power of older customers and are better able to support older workers.

  • The community benefits from the increased participation of older adults in community life.

Simply put: We want seniors to enjoy their lives! 

Who Are We?

Cranbrook Age Friendly is a group of volunteers from the various service groups and, organizations within the City of Cranbrook and a member of City Council who:

  • Embrace and support the Province of BC’s Age-Friendly Initiative. 


  • Consult with the community to determine age friendly needs; develop & publish an action plan.  

  • Believe in making Cranbrook a great place to live, for all ages now and the coming future. 

Cranbrook Age Friendly is a hub for service organizations to work collaboratively for the betterment of seniors in Cranbrook! 

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