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Two Further Downtown Business' Recognized as Age Friendly

Cranbrook downtown core is becoming more and more age friendly. Presently, 18 business' through the downtown area have been recognized as age friendly with the list growing daily!

Congratulations to Huckleberry Books and Total Pet on their recent age friendly business recognition.

While Huckleberry Books is wheelchair and mobility aid accessible, should you feel your mobility aid won't fit or you do not feel like entering the store -- ring their doorbell and staff will come outside to assist you. Huckleberry Books offers an age friendly shopping environment with friendly, personable staff going the extra mile to support all you literacy needs.

Knowledgeable staff, easy to navigate store front and ample parking -- Total Pet has your covered when it comes to caring for your animals. We get it, pets are family too, why not support local and support age friendly while getting the best quality items for them.

Thank you to both Huckleberry Books and Total Pet for helping further develop our age friendly community!

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