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Thank you to our Local Business Community!

It has been a busy week here at Cranbrook Age Friendly. A huge thank you to the local business community for participating in our age friendly business recognition program. We have certified an additional 18 (!!) business as age friendly this week. And we are stopping yet! Stay tuned as we recognize different business' daily.

Hot off the press' and first up, The Townsman. Thanks to the Townsman for having both an age friendly store front but also for their age friendly content -- check out the Seniors Page the last Thursday of every month. Should you need to visit Townsman staff at their facility you will find their building to be supportive to individuals of all abilities. Disabled parking can be found at the rear of the building along with an accessible entrance.

Pictured: Sheri Miles, Shannon Stewart, Barry Coulter (Editor), Sandy Zeznik (Age Friendly Committee Member)

Secondly, we wish to congratulate Kootenay Kwik Print. Glenn and his staff work quickly and efficiently to support all your printing needs; dropping printed items off at individuals homes need be and providing ample parking (including parking right at the front and back door). While the building has two sets of stairs at the front, Kootenay Kwik Print offers individuals with mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walkers, or those unable to navigate stairs access to the store via a back entrance; just let Glenn know and he is happy to assist. Individuals are able to drive around to the rear of the building and enter the show room via a back door which is level access.

Pictured: Hannah Kearns (Cranbrook Age Friendly, Community Facilitator) and Glenn Johnson

Last but not least on today's feature, Wolfpack Signs & Printing. Rhonda and her team offer personalized and friendly service with accessible entrances and service counters. Their store front offers easy to navigate areas for anyone with a walker, stroller or wheelchair. Lastly, Rhonda and her team support the hiring of seniors of equal ability and on the job training of such seniors. Thanks Rhonda!

Pictured: Rhonda of Wolfpack Signs and Printing.

Congratulations again and thank you to our local business community!

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