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Helpful Information for those Without a Doctor:

If you find yourself or someone you know without a family Doctor, here is some helpful information:

Firstly, Cranbrook is going to be setting up an Urgent and Primary Care Centre. For more information see:

Secondly, we have a Cranbrook Virtual Clinic to see a Doctor. For more information about this please see:

Thirdly, seeing a Doctor via video-conferencing is a real and easy option. There are two apps that I have used and they are great and are free. Yes, you can sit in your living room and video chat with a Doctor!

Here are some of the apps to download: (also look in your app store)

Telus Babylon Health – see a Doctor virtually

PC Health – see a Doctor for free virtually through Maple

Rocket Doctor- Book an appointment and see an online doctor in BC the exact same day for free.

Remember, if it is an emergency ALWAYS go to the ER.

Thanks to our friends at Caregivers Network for sharing this!

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