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Free App designed for Seniors

Stayhome-Living is an app that aims to reconnect seniors with many of the things they love and miss, all from the comfort and safety of their own homes. This easy-to-use app is thoughtfully laid out; it guides seniors directly to the resources they are looking for, mitigating many of the difficulties of open web searches.

Finally, a senior-friendly app with the goal of helping older adults explore the internet. The world is at your fingertips … literally! Laid out with ease of navigation in mind, the Stayhome-Living app has a variety of helpful, entertaining and engaging sites. And the best part? You can access all of these from the comfort of your own “home”!

"Home" is set up with seven easy to access windows, each clearly labelled: Activities, Entertainment, Connect, Services, Healthcare, Learning and Agenda. By touching on the window, the user finds a sub-directory. For example, under Activities the options are: Fitness and Exercise, Clubs and Hobbies, Books and Magazines, Games and Culture.

Go to their website for more information.

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