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Business Recognition Keeps on Rolling!

It's that time of year again -- change is in the air. With the recent sunshine and warmer weather it appears spring has sprung. So why not embrace the season and treat yourself (or your car) to a change all the while supporting two age friendly local business'. Congratulations and thank you to The Vanity Room and OK Tire for their continued commitment and support of age friendly initiatives. In doing so, both OK Tire and The Vanity Room are offer easy to navigate store fronts for individuals of all abilities and personalized service -- they will meet you where you are at and treat you with the upmost respect.

Way to go you two! And thank you again for doing your part in making Cranbrook an age friendly community.

Kris Knight, Owner of The Vanity Room

Jay, owner of OK Tire and Hannah, Cranbrook Age Friendly Facilitator

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