Victims to Victory Workshop

We are super excited about our next workshop in Cranbrook. It's coming up this coming Sunday at the Days Inn. It is 4 hours and in this workshop we will help you see what keeps you stuck, a deeper knowledge of energy, how to move stuck energy and bring in more flow and together we will open the door to your imagination and dreaming into the possibilities. We are calling it the Path to Freedom. 3 steps to end the abuse cycle and radically change your life. We will be focusing on the following...   *   Feeling powerless   *   Having the same relationship over and over   *   Wanting change but seemingly unable to change anything   *   DO you have a calling to something more? A whispering from your soul "there is more to life than this?" So join us this Sunday afternoon for an Interactive Healing Journey guided by fellow survivors and now Thrivers Darlene and Michael Turner. The eventbrite link is... and if you would like access to videos from past workshops or to join our private community group go to our facebook page<>

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