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Two Local Business Certified Age Friendly

The Choice Shop and Integra Tire joined our list of Age Friendly Business' this afternoon. Both business offer excellent customer service, with staff going above and beyond to help shoppers of all ages.

Unable to navigate the stairs up to the women's and youth section? The Choice staff will offer you a seat downstairs while bringing down items choosing specially for you -- based off what you are looking for and your personal preferences.

Not comfortable entering the store? Just ring the door bell and Shelia and her staff will come outside to you. Unable to make it down to the shop yourself? Give Integra Tire a call! Staff will pick up your car, complete the necessary work, process your payment via the phone and return your car -- all in accordance with COVID protocols. Cars disinfected upon return.

Congratulations to these two amazing local business! Thank you for supporting age friendly initiatives and helping to create an age friendly community.

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